Bunny Travel Pillow Free Sewing Pattern

Update: This pattern is no longer available.
This Bunny Travel Pillow Free Sewing Pattern is an easy project. The cute and comfy bunny traveling pillow is perfect when you are sleeping whether in a long trip bus ride or just on an airplane. This can fit for any size from toddlers to adults,  and if you want to, you make the pillow a different animals or whatever you can think of. This pattern is easy to follow for beginners. It could be a sweet, fast and unforgettable gift for people all ages. It could also be a great gift on Easter. And maybe if you won’t mind your pillow being dirty, you can use it and throw it around like a frisbee and have a fun time with your kids or anybody! Thanks Cup of Sugar for sharing this wonderful craft. The link for the free tutorial is provided below photo. Happy sewing!

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Click below link for free pattern…

Bunny Travel Pillow