4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt Free Sewing Pattern

This 4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt has a very beautiful and gorgeous design, perfect for loved ones and friends to enjoy! In the center of each patch lies a heart surrounded by triangles and squares, completed a gorgeous border. You can customize each section and shape with any design you could like, whether that be a bold red, a soft pink, or textured white! The four patches are then rounded up and completed by a border which can also be designed for a personal appeal. In addition, the texture of this pattern is extremely comforting, soft, and gentle on the skin! The quilt is perfect for sleeping with and relaxing with since you can easily bundle yourself in it to provide for an immeasurable amount of warmth! Furthermore, this would also be the perfect gift for loved ones, friends, and family! Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, this would be the ideal and elegant gift for them! Thanks Amanda for sharing the wonderful craft. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Pls. follow us on Pinterest for more sewing patterns! Happy sewing.

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Check out below link for free pattern…

4-Patch Heart Mini Quilt